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This guild was created in an attempt to break away from a normal guild setup where one or two select people abuse the power given to them as a guild leader or raid leader and become biased toward certain things/people. We are a tight-knit guild comprised of real-life friends, family, extended family, and their friends. We are a "mature" guild, measured NOT by age but by online etiquette. We are a very active guild taking advantage of every aspect of the game, questing, tradeskilling.. We will be starting to raid once we have the main players to do so. We have players in pretty much every level range and there are usually always members on to group or chat with. Our guild hall is located in North Qeynos, but hopefully soon we will be moving to the tier 2 in South Qeynos.


These are the rules set by the majority, please respect them.

   1. Elections will take place when its time to promote a new member.
   2. One vote per player per event.
   3. Votes are placed on the website and tallied by the webmaster.
   4. Members are expected to treat others with respect and understanding.
   5. When talking or group with those outside the guild please be polite.
   6. We do not tolerate slander of anyone, even when they deserve it, remember its a game and should be fun.
   7. If by chance you do say or do something to hurt someone please apologize.
   8. If you wish to leave the guild you may do so at any time, however if you would like to come back please let us know why you are leaving before you leave.
   9. Please do not take things out of the bank to give to guests, getting things from the bank is a privilege of being a member.


   1. A player may not be turned down for a raid because of his/her class so long as the main requirements (Tanks,Healers, and Bards) are fulfilled.
   2. To be eligible for a raid, players must be in a certain level of gear.


There are several distinct positions throughout Omens of Retribution, there descriptions are as follows:

Leader: This position monitors and "manages" the guild.

Member: Members are the core position maintaining the atmosphere and pace of the guild.

Member Alts:This is for all the member alts.

Guest: Upon arrival into Omens of Retribution, Guests will be required to engage with members and comply with the rules in order to be promoted to Member status and receive additional Guild functionality.

Point System:

Our point system is for adornments. If you do not have the ability to transmute but would like adornments made for you please give your items to the guild leader to be transmuted and points assigned. Once you reach the amount needed the leader will make you the adornment. (items must be treasured and above and in the tier you need the adornment for to be used)


I have read and understand that which I have chosen to undertake.

This is my promise to you the members,

Woobien - Leader

If you have any questions or comments feel free to let a member know.
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Anadia Dragoste, Aug 23, 10 11:57 PM.
Omens of Retribution is currently recruiting the following:
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Berserker (10)
Bruiser (10)
Guardian (10)
Monk (10)
Paladin (10)
Shadowknight (10)
Coercer (10)
Conjuror (10)
Illusionist (10)
Necromancer (10)
Warlock (10)
Wizard (10)
Defiler (10)
Fury (10)
Inquisitor (10)
Mystic (10)
Templar (10)
Warden (10)
Assassin (10)
Brigand (10)
Dirge (10)
Ranger (10)
Swashbuckler (10)
Troubador (10)
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